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Flag signs are a great way to display your advertisements in the most appropriate manner wherever you want. They are not only attractive but also very durable. These bright lively flags, give you the attention and interest you truly deserve. Even with the slightest breeze, feather flags will surely wave and complement the products advertisement in the best possible manner.

Flag signs can come in all shapes and sizes which make this a very versatile product for different companies and brands. You are able to select a style and size that fits your purpose. If you are attending a large exhibition then you are likely to want maximum exposure. If you are looking to advertise your retail business, you may opt for a smaller more subtle size of flag banner.



If you compare advertisement costs, custom feather flags are much cheaper than other forms of advertising. So considering the life and longevity of these flags, and their cheap cost, you really are getting your money’s worth investing in them!


It offers 24/7 brand exposure as there’s no need of taking them down after use. Besides the flags don’t lose their validity or expire after a few hours time, unlike digital marketing where you may see your feed on the network for some time, but later ends up overlapped by other digital copy.


The flagpole kits are so easy to assemble; you don’t even need any tools to do it. Unlike other banners that require holes to be drilled and nails hammered, you just have to telescope the flag parts together and then slide the flag onto the large pole kit. All you need are a few minutes to both assemble, and disassemble, without any tools.


As the poles and the flag are lightweight, it’s so easy to transport and install the flags anywhere required! Some even come with handy carrying bags to carry and set up anywhere you want, like when you are at the beach, plaza or park!


These flags are also a great asset to your business as they never grow old and can be used for as many years as you need. There’s no need of spending money once again years later to replace them, unless they get destroyed or damaged by uncontrollable things. So these flags are a one-time advertisement investment which may bring you years of continuous returns.


According to your budget, you can also opt to have a row of these flags, each advertising something about your product, event or sales. If you are on a restrictive budget, then you can have a single flag printed with more information.

You can then later on shift to more flags if needed or budget permits. Just make sure you don’t stuff the flag with too much graphics or information as it only makes the flag confusing, and may not get your message across.


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