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Flex face signs is any opaque or translucent banner that is stretched and clipped to a frame on all four corners. It is a type of outdoor signage system that is typically used for larger sign applications, such as retail park signs, shop front signs and other large customer facing signage.

The main benefit of using flex over other rigid materials and media is scalability. You can print on a much larger scale with PVC as opposed to acrylic or composite panels. Flex face cabinet system of clips stretches flex face outwards which creates tension and gives the face the appearance of plastic since there are no wrinkles in the flex face.




The main benefit of using flex over other rigid materials and media is scalability. You can print on a much larger scale with PVC as opposed to acrylic or composite panels.

Large variety

There is incredible variety available in design and colour. Only limit to customizing the look is the imagination.


Flex face signs are very light and very fast to produce so you get your sign up and running quickly.

Low installation cost

With flex face signs you can create  a very large sign that usually has far less installation cost than other signage


Flex face signs can be have it’s components easily replaced with new ones and give the sign a whole new look. For example, the flex vinyl can be replaced with another one to convey a different message with ease. The light source can be replaced too.

Water Resistant

Completely outdoor and weather resistant – even in wet and windy conditions.


*Pictures above are just for illustrative purposes only

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ProFounders Businessmen Administration Services LLC
ProFounders Businessmen Administration Services LLC
June 11, 2023.
Professional work and performance leads to an outstanding result. The neon sign looks amazing more than what we imagined it would be. Great guys to work with, highly recommended.
Amer Al Abed
Amer Al Abed
May 26, 2023.
Very time punctuated and friendly staff Love their designs & artwork 👍🏻
Dulce Gurrola
Dulce Gurrola
May 8, 2023.
I liked the work they did, I quoted with other companies, but this seems to be the most formal, since they send the quote and follow up, The people who went to install it in my office were very kind. Thank you so much
Вероника Славина
Вероника Славина
May 5, 2023.
Great service and quality! I love how they did neon signs for our showroom, it looks amazing. It is bright enough and absolutely same as I wanted. Thank you so much!
Nasir Khan
Nasir Khan
May 2, 2023.
They are very good
Chanda Hameed
Chanda Hameed
April 13, 2023.
A short notice job, and the team at neon sign delivered a perfect sign for our corporate event. Highly recommended for the professionalism and quality . Very cost effective
April 12, 2023.
amazing service, the design was amazing and they were able to do multiple colors on one design, and it came very quickly
Peter Considine
Peter Considine
November 17, 2022.
Exceptional customer service, super professional and the product was delivered exactly as promised. Highly, highly recommended! Not the best picture, but it looks amazing in person.