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LED sign for your business isn’t just a trend, but an essential business medium. Outdoor LED signs have been proven to increase sales and community awareness. Outdoor LED Signage can be used by any type of businesses, particularly small to medium size companies that have little to no budget for their advertisement.

Full color outdoor LED signs helps promote a business effectively, whether it’s a retail store, a gas station, a supermarket, a computer shop, a local cafe, etc. By using this powerful and dynamic advertising medium your business will be in the forefront in the minds of the customers and target audience.



Many business owners are using LED signage because they are much brighter than other options. Brighter signs, grab more attention and are visible even at greater distances. LED signs also remain visible in direct sunlight.


Initial cost of LED signs may be pricey, but they are cost-effective and cheaper in the long run. How? LED signage lights consume less energy and require only little maintenance.

Low energy consumption

An LED sign consumes 2 to 4 times less electricity when being compared to signs that uses neon or incandescent bulbs. Your business becomes more environmentally friendly by helping reduce carbon footprint.


LED signs are durable compared to traditional lighted signs. They are made from non-breakable materials and lasts longer, requiring only minimal repairs and maintenance. This is because LED modules have longer life spans. LED modules usually last up to 105,000 hours.


Graphics and visuals attract and convey more information than words alone. It helps improve the aesthetic appeal of the place. This is the reason why LED signs are widely used in public places such as malls, train stations and airports.

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional signs, led signs are less prone to burning out or shaking loose. LED signage does not need a lot of repair and maintenance.


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